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Professional Facilitator & Guide for Relationship Alchemy



It's Yaniv Rose!

(...what does that even mean ?!)

Hey, new friend!

This website is meant to introduce you to me and what I do. It will probably be a bit goofballybut I promise by the time you finish (if you dare finish), you will get what I'm all about.

(and hopefully you'll dig it!)

Adventure awaits!

Choose your own adventure!

Find out how I can fit into your life, your way!







WHAT is it I actually do?

What is relational Alchemy?

In it's simplest form, Alchemy is the process of taking any base material and turning it into something valuable (which in itself means that EVERYTHING is inherently valuable).

So, what's the Relational part? Relational Alchemy takes any relationship experience we have with our external world or with ourselves (yes, we do have a relationship with ourselves), and alchemizing it into:

     1. More intimacy in the relationship.

     2. Our own growth and expansion!

And yes, I mean any experience. Especially conflict.

Can you imagine what your life can look like,

if you knew how to do that?

(You've gotten this far!  I'M THRILLED! Let's dive in).


Stuff other people say about me:

(Only the good stuff, obviously)

HOW the heck do I do it?



Best Option!!


  • I have trained extensively and certified as a group facilitator with over 100 hours of guiding transformational experiences in group settings, both online and in person.

  • Human expression is my jam! So I've mastered creating safe and brave spaces for humans to authentically explore who they are in connection to themselves and others.

  • Offers include:

    • 2.5 hour taster workshop

    • Full day fundamentals

    • 2-day comprehensive

    • Week long immersion

    • contact for more details.

Attend / Order my workshops!




Trained by the official IFS Institute and have since worked with hundreds of people in 1 on 1, couple or group settings around:

  • Helping people identify and communicate with their parts.

  • Unburden and release parts of themselves that no longer serve them

  • Guiding the road to recovery from addiction, depression, isolation and self-harm.

  • Guiding the road to success in relationships, career, health and purpose.

There is nothing more meaningful to me than to be a witness to healing and coming into wholeness.

That shit makes me weep.

Get coached by me!


yaniv_rose__278731403_1018916552334972_8554277737621792188_n (2).jpg


Stuff I'm known to ramble on:

  • Relationship 2.0

  • Inter-Dependence

  • Neurodivergence / ADHD in Relationships

  • Conversational Technology

  • Authenticity In Connection

  • Internal Family Systems & Authentic Relating

You can find my podcast appearance and webinars in the resource section CLICK


Invite me to speak in your thing!

WHOM do I work with?

(Am I using "Whom" right??)

Connection is everything to me

That's why it's crucial for me that we feel connected, if we plan to work together.

If you've been reading and enjoying this hot mess of a site, I imagine you already feel somewhat connected to me.

That's a great sign!!

I work with those who:

Support, need and believe in people.

People's people.

That is their biggest strength and weakness.

If you want to shift that balance towards the strength, and transform it into it's SUPERPOWER form you feel it can be,

This is your lucky day, friendo!



Authentic Relating & Death

With Sash Leah Adina! She rocks!!

Authentic Relating & Internal Family Systems

I look pretty hot here :)


The One Inside Podcast:
Authentic Relating & Internal Family Systems

Unmatch Me Now Podcast:
Authentic Dating

Beautiful Works In Progress Podcast:
Bringing Value Into A Relationship

One of my favezies!

Contact me

Wouldn't that be nice.

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Yaniv Rose

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