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Play Therapy Group 

A 10 week collaborative exploration of growth, well-being, and identity - In a fun, playful and groundbreaking experience.

scientifically  backed!

Authentic Relating


Internal Family Systems

Hello, Brave Soul! 

Welcome to Transformative Tales!

🎵 Are you prepared to embark on a whimsical journey filled with thrilling adventures, profound personal growth,

AND soulful connections? 🎵


Step right in!

What are Therapeutically Applied Role-Playing Games (TA-RPGs)?



  • TA-RPGs are a unique form of group therapy, leveraging long-form play to facilitate emotional growth, personal development, and social skills enhancement.

  • In TA-RPGs, you immerse in a role within a fictional world. Scenarios in the game offer opportunities for players to encounter challenges in a safe, supportive, and alive environment.

  • It's a space where real-world consequences are removed, allowing players to explore, experiment, and engage in ways that promote their growth and insight.

  • A TA-RPG session can be an exciting journey through imaginary worlds, but also a journey within – a chance to learn, grow, and discover. It's about creativity, collaboration, and personal evolution.


Your Adventure, Your Growth.

Your play-time is designed (with love) to promote:

  • Self-Reflection: The characters you choose to play provide a mirror to your real-world self, enabling you to gain insight into your strengths and areas for development. [1].

  • Mental Health Improvement: Navigate personal and shared challenges with the support of a compassionate community, promoting resilience, stress management, and psychological wellbeing [2].

  • Empathy and Understanding: Playing different roles allows you to see the world from diverse perspectives, fostering empathy and mutual understanding [3].

  • Explore & Express Identities: Unpack complex aspects of your identity in a safe and open environment. Our methods are backed by research that shows the role of therapeutic interventions in exploring gender and sexual identities [4].

  • Problem-Solving Skills: The trials and puzzles in our games help develop critical thinking and decision-making skills, enhancing your real-world problem-solving abilities [5].

  • Boosting Confidence: Through facing and overcoming in-game challenges, you build self-esteem and resilience that carry over into real life. The Game to Grow Method of Therapeutically Applied Role-Playing Games (TA-RPG) has shown how RPGs can facilitate this growth and development [6].


OUR Adventure, Our Connection.

We'll be forging authentic relationships by:

  • Cooperation over Compromise: You and your fellow adventurers must work together to overcome challenges, fostering teamwork and collaboration [7].

  • Shared Narratives: Collaboratively building a story creates a sense of togetherness and shared experiences. Shared narratives in RPGs can contribute to a sense of community and foster social cohesion [7].

  • Supportive Environment: Our group provides a safe space to express yourself and form deep, genuine connections with fellow players. [8]

  • Enhanced communication: TA-RPGs foster open and respectful discussions, allowing everyone to take their space in the group, and shine! [3].


Our sessions are more than just games - they are a community!

First Time Adventurer?
No Problem!

Don't worry if you've never swung a sword or cast a spell. You game master is here to guide you through each step.


You’ll be on your journey to personal transformation and powerful friendships before you can say: 


Artist. Facilitator. Queer. Neurodivergent.

(what a cutie!)

Navigating the balance between feeling too much and not enough, Yaniv personifies the power of self-expression.

As they search for the words to describe themselves, Yaniv is reminded how precious and yet stifled self-expression can be. 

Embodying wanderlust, Yaniv roams the globe, spreading the potent tools of Authentic Relating, IFS and Play.

They're a ferocious advocate of adversity as a catalyst for profound connections and self-integration.

Yaniv strives to create havens for self-expression and healing on the mission to enhance communication skills, leading to profound personal transformations.

His vision: unearthing our innate wholeness, unlocking our unique gifts -  which in turn, will illuminate a world in dire need of them.

(I also made this website. Preeeetty cool, right?)

YUM! (Talking about the food you pervs)

IT'S YANIV ROSE! (He/they)

Singers of Praise:

Ready For The Deets?

Here they are:

  • WHEN: 10 weeks - starting 2nd week of December(US or EU/AU times)

  • WHAT: 90-120 minutes of play followed by 30-45 minutes of integration

  • (Including TWO 1 on 1 exploration calls)

  • WHERE: Online, Zoom

  • WHO: 4-6 Seeking souls per group

  • PRICE : 800 USD 

    • Early bird: 650 USD (Until November 30th 2023)​

Join us on a journey that transcends gaming. This is a heartfelt adventure into personal growth, deeper connections, and the pure joy of play.

Your seat at our gaming table is waiting.

Are you ready?


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"All Rights Reserved To Me"

Yaniv Rose

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