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Pai, Thailand


  • LONG for deeper connections?

  • Feel TIRED of small talk?

  • Often feel DRAINED with other people?

  • Want to be SEEN, HEARD and VALUED for exactly who you are?



Authentic Relating is a revolutionary practice that is aimed at creating DEEP, MEANINGFUL connections with those around us, while at the same time expanding our connection with OURSELVES! 

In this workshop

 We will be diving into the experience of being in connection.


We will get a chance to feel firsthand how our brain and body reacts when we are with others, and how to use this awareness to deepen our connection with each other.


We will experiment with a verity of embodied exercises, designed and tested to expand our relational muscles.


And as we progress in this journey, we will also have opportunities to share as a group and use the wisdom of the tribe.


You will meet likeminded people that really value and care about human connection, in an enabling environment to discover and nurture your unique way of creating connection.


And all in a safe and inclusive environment that is masterfully facilitated by connection artists

Meet the Facilitator!

DSC05035 (2).jpg

Yaniv Rose feels like TOO MUCH and NOT ENOUGH at the same time :)

They are a Certified Authentic Relating Facilitator with 2 years and hundreds of hours of experience. 


One of Yaniv’s biggest passions is to create containers for humans to connect and express all of their parts. Their deepest being. To heal in community, and help people supercharge their communication skills. And by proxy, their lives.

Yaniv is a free-bird. Currently baseless and traveling the world. With a mission to spread the tools of Authentic Relating and IFS to communities everywhere. He believes that adversity and conflict can be used as tools for deeper connection, and combined with awareness and integration of our parts, we can cultivate more and more of our inherent wholeness, and offer our unique gifts to a world in dire need for them.



What Will You Gain 

  • A transformative experience, that will fundamentally change how you relate with others.

  • You will learn to embody a set of practices that you can use in any connection, new and old, that will allow you to interact with ease and grace in any situation.

  • Experience what has been named "The Yoga Of Relationships" - Learn how you can turn the process of being in relationship into a spiritual practice!

  • Learn invaluable listening and communication skills that will help you be more understood and heard. And allow you to hear others deeply, thus transforming any conflict into more intimacy.

  • You will learn how to cultivate your own intuition and inner listening, helping you make stronger, clearer decisions that are aligned to who you are.

"It was an amazing experience. I’ve been through several courses, and this one was particularly powerful because it helped me get so much more clarity around my own experience. Yaniv created a space that helped me see better how my inner parts are relating and how they’re showing up in my relationships. I recommend this workshop for anyone who is ready to turn the relationship skills of AR inward for greater self-understanding.”

- Justin


  • Time: SUNDAYS 5pm to 7:30pm

  • Location : Deejai Pai

  • Sign up & Questions: Wuzzup +972547673598


Interested in going deeper?

Check out our immersion 19-21 January 2024

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