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Empowered Connection

A week long relational journey

November 1-7 2024 - Thailand

Your Chosen Family


"A moment with someone that truly sees you can heal a Lifetime of invisibility"

Join us on a deeply embodied and playful exploration into your relational reality.


What is keeping you from the connections you desire? 

This is the invitation you've been waiting for - the playground that will reveal what is holding you back from love in all of it's forms.


Be it in leadership, when supporting others, in your relationships or dating life - Something is keeping you from going to the next level. 

That relational shadow has the potential to be your greatest gift.

You already hold the key to unlocking it - and you are not alone.

Join a group of gorgeous souls who deeply care about wholeness in connection. Come spend a week together in the most beautiful and regulating place in the world, and see what gifts your self-intimacy has to offer to those around you.

 If you are reading this - your wisdom is needed, you are a crucial part of the whole that will help unlock the gifts of our shadows.

The perfect place for our journey

Experience Tranquility and Wellness at Kirina 

Welcome to Kirina, a hidden gem nestled in the heart of Pai, Thailand. This charming resort offers a serene and rejuvenating retreat, perfect for those seeking a peaceful getaway. With its tranquil surroundings, attentive service, and a range of wellness facilities, Kirina is the ideal destination for relaxation and rejuvenation. As you step into this oasis of calm, you will be greeted by a warm and inviting atmosphere. 

With only 9 rooms, Kirina offers an intimate and personalized experience, allowing guests to truly unwind and escape the hustle and bustle of everyday life. Conveniently located a short 0.7 km from the city center, Kirina  provides easy access to all that Pai has to offer. Whether you're looking to explore the vibrant markets, indulge in local cuisine, or embark on outdoor adventures, this resort serves as the perfect base for your Pai exploration. And when you're ready to retreat from the excitement, you can return to your peaceful sanctuary at Kirina.



Authentic Relating, IFS & Psychodrama

The process of Relational Alchemy is supported by the 3 pillars that represent the values rooted into the core our practice - Connection, Sovereignty & Embodied Play

First Pillar

Authentic Relating


Authentic Relating is a set of embodied tools and practices meant to create and support deeper and  more meaningful connections.


Practiced around the world, this groundbreaking paradigm facilitates connecting through wholeness - allowing more of the fullness of who we are to have space between us, allowing us to create space even for conflict, and alchemize it into intimacy with self, and with other.



Second Pillar

Internal Family Systems  is a therapeutic paradigm for wholeness, rooted in the idea that we are not a monolithic being, but a collection of inter-connected sub-personalities simply named "parts". (which is in concordance with our language when we say "A part of me wants this...and another part of me wants that")

Creating a relationship with our different parts supports our mental well-by allowing us to:


  • develop a deeper understanding of ourselves, our drives, & why we act certain ways.

  • Gain the language to communicate our inner world more richly and freely with those closest to us. 

  • Reparent ourselves with compassion and understanding


Third Pillar


Psychodrama is a therapeutic group process that is rooted in the power of embodied play. Psychodrama connects the mind and body within play, helping us transcend trauma and it's lenses, supporting us in re-writing our story in a way that feels aligned and unique to us.

Psychodrama allows us to create a hologram of our psyche to explore, experiment and play in - Revealing our true self to ourselves, All in a trauma-informed and healing-centric way.

Our ideal Participant

This retreat is not for everyone.​

Actually, when you imagine the population of the planet, it is really for a tiny tiiiny part of that population.​

We are inviting and creating champions, pioneers and entrepreneurs of connection. Is that you? 

Is this you?

  • Are you seeking deeper and more meaningful connections in your personal relationships and community?

  • Do you find yourself repeating similar relationship patterns or dynamics despite efforts to change?

  • Have you experienced feelings of loneliness or isolation, even when surrounded by friends or acquaintances?

  • Are you exploring spirituality and seeking a more purposeful, relational aspect to your journey?

  • Do you often feel misunderstood or told you take things too personally in interactions with others?

  • Are you interested in exploring and understanding your own emotions and sensitivities in a supportive environment?

  • Do you struggle with people-pleasing tendencies and find it challenging to set boundaries in relationships?

  • Are you open to learning new ways of relating that prioritize authenticity, vulnerability, and genuine connection?

  • Are you willing to engage in self-reflection and potentially uncover deeper aspects of yourself and your relational patterns?

  • Are you ready to step out of your comfort zone and explore new ways of communicating and connecting with others?

 Meet Your Facilitators 

(what a cutie!)

Artist. Facilitator. Queer. Neurodivergent.

Navigating the balance between feeling too much and not enough, Yaniv personifies the power of self-expression.

As they search for the words to describe themselves, Yaniv is reminded how precious and yet stifled self-expression can be. 

They're a ferocious a
dvocate of adversity as a catalyst for profound connections and self-integration.

Yaniv strives to create havens for self-expression and healing on the mission to
enhance communication skills, leading to profound personal transformations.

Their vision: unearthing our innate wholeness, unlocking our unique gifts -  which in turn, will illuminate a world in dire need of them.

(I also made this website. Preeeetty cool, right?)

IT'S YANIV ROSE! (He/they)

YUM! (Talking about the food you pervs)



*passing out from love and awe*


Practitioner. Self-Taught Facilitator. Women Center Manager.

Enjoying the balance between vulnerability and fun, Yulia embodies the cultivated power of being a loving friend with herself.

Practicing authentic relating and non-violent communication, Yulia navigates the realms of self-discovery with a passion for women wellbeing and empowerment in Koh Phangan. 
Yulia finds a deep wisdom in a somatic approach to relating, enjoys sharing it and witnessing  its meaningful impact on others. 

Yulia enjoys cultivating self-acceptance and loving presence on a journey to refine communication skills, leading to powerful personal transformations.

Her vision: cultivating safety in the body, self-hug and integrating different parts of self are a keys for an authentic and fun life. 


Premium Room  - Private

Premium Room - Private

Double or Queen bed - perfect for single person or couples

Premium Room  - Private

Premium Room - Private

Double or Queen bed - perfect for single person or couples

Premium Room  - Private

Premium Room - Private

Double or Queen bed - perfect for single person or couples

Premium Room  - Private

Premium Room - Private

Double or Queen bed - perfect for single person or couples

Premium Room  - Private

Premium Room - Private

Double or Queen bed - perfect for single person or couples

Premium Room  - Private

Premium Room - Private

Double or Queen bed - perfect for single person or couples

Apply to join

$1111 - Early bird*

Premium Room  - Shared

Premium Room - Shared

For cuties on a budget - Double beds

Premium Room  - Shared

Premium Room - Shared

For cuties on a budget - Double beds

Premium Room  - Shared

Premium Room - Shared

For cuties on a budget - Double beds

Premium Room  - Shared

Premium Room - Shared

For cuties on a budget - Double beds

Premium Room  - Shared

Premium Room - Shared

For cuties on a budget - Double beds

Premium Room  - Shared

Premium Room - Shared

For cuties on a budget - Double beds

Premium Room  - Shared

Premium Room - Shared

For cuties on a budget - Double beds

Apply to join

$899 - Early bird*





  • Authentic Relating (AR) is the practice of freely expressing your true experience in the company of others.

  • Expressing in this way enables you to create connections in the world based on who you really are. 

  • AR practices create a safe, intentional space, fostering meaningful and enjoyable connections to self and other.

  • By learning Authentic Relating skills, you learn to relate with others from a deeper more authentic expression of your truth.

  • This allows us to be more human with one another, resulting in a life full of fulfilling and meaningful relationships.






The Course


 The language of relating

  • Learn the 5 practices of Authentic Relating

  • The art of Mindfulness based communication

  • Setting powerful and clear context to any conversation

  • Learn powerful and profound impact sharing tools.

  • How to cultivate and express empathy clearly and with impact.

  • Find out how and why you preserve your self-image and mask.


Conflict transformation

  • Find out how to be with anyone in emotional intensity and trigger

  • How to never withhold and always clear conflict before it escalates in a avoidant way

  • Deeper understanding of your relational blind-spots and resistances to intimacy

  • The tools and experiences of the deepest kinds of relationships

  • A true understanding of the real power of human connection and it's ability to heal


Praise for "Empowered Connection"​​

"This course was an amazing experience. Yaniv created a space that helped me see better how my inner parts are relating and how they’re showing up in my relationships. I recommend this course for anyone who is ready to turn the relationship skills of AR inward for greater self-understanding.”


Leave with

  • A potent language and skill set to express your authentic experience transparently and accurately in real-time, and to encourage others to do the same. Let’s speak from the heart and connect with each other on a deeper level!

  • The power to have deep, meaningful, and soulful conversations with anyone,

  • The ability to recognize your genuine, core desires and articulate them to others. Clarity for the win!

  • The capability to perceive and reflect the fundamental essence of others and to gently guide them into a space where they can be entirely themselves - Easfully uncovering each other's beauty.

  • A deep comprehension of the significance of speaking your authentic voice and the humility of using your eyes and ears to pay attention to the people and world around you. 

  • A comprehensive set of powerful tools to de-escalate conflict and use it as a vehicle to achieve deeper connection, understanding, and empathy. Turning conflicts into opportunities for growth.

  • A restored connection to childlike genuine curiosity and a perspective that regards the world with awe and wonder. 

  • An experience of profoundly vulnerable, intimate, beautiful connections with other participants that will leave you inspired, delighted, and heart-opened. 


Ready For The Deets?

Here they are:

  • WHEN:

    • December 23-24 2023 (FULL)

    • January 19-21 2024 (FULL)​

    • November 22-25 2024 - 3.5 days (OPEN)

    • December 20-23 2024 (TBD)

    • January 17-20 2025 (TBD)

  • WHERE: Pai, Thailand

  • PRICE: 449 USD  (full course + evening activities)​

    • SUPER Early bird:  379 USD (Until September 1st 2024)​

    • Early bird:419 USD (Until October 1st 2024)​

Thanks for submitting!

"All Rights Reserved To Me"

Yaniv Rose

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